BBC Earth

Released on social media on 3rd November 2018.

BioGraphic: Life on the Rocks

Released on 21st November 2017.

I was invited to participate in a research expedition to explore the deep ocean around St. Paul’s Rocks in the Atlantic Ocean onboard the M/V Alucia. You can find out more about this expedition here, as well as read the entire story on BioGraphic, The Atlantic or Scientific American. Plus check out the awesome video interview below.

CNN Inspirations: Wild Discoveries

Aired from May 31st 2017 and onwards.

I joined Kristofer Helgen and Dean Lomax to be interviewed by CNN correspondent, Max Foster, in front of a live studio audience about the most interesting marine, terrestrial and prehistoric species discovered over the last two years. You can find out more here and watch the final question segment of the episode below. 

My research has also been featured on the BBC, CNC3 1, CNC3 2, CNMG, Africa News Network (ANN7), and NHK Japan.