On Air

Some examples of my on-air work can be found below.

BBC World Service’s The Inquiry

Is the deep ocean the answer to some of our biggest problems? Find out on the below episode of the Inquiry. Also accessible here.

NPR’s Short Wave Podcast

In this episode of NPR’s Short Wave Podcast, we chat about what happens after a whale dies. Find out more here.

BBC Earth Podcast

Featuring stories from the wilderness. Stories of scale, vast expanses, extreme conditions, little known corners of the planet and the sparsest environments. Listen here.


A podcast on what we do and don’t know about biodiversity at the bottom of the ocean, deep-sea mining, and some of my latest research. Find out more here.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind Podcast

In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, I chat with Robert and Joe about life in the deep ocean — from the wonderous organisms that thrive there to the human activities that threaten their future. Listen here.

Science Friday

Featured in the 2018 Ocean’s Month episode of Science Friday. You can listen to the whole episode here or go straight to the segment ‘How Seafaring Scientists are Mapping the Deep’ here.