Public Talks and Interviews

Below are a selection of the public talks given over the years.

Människans Natur

I was honoured to be invited to speak at Axfoundation’s 2019 Human Nature seminar (Swe: Människans Natur), Below The Surface. Although the actual talk was not recorded, below is an interview we shot earlier that day.


In December 2018, I invited to speak about the deep ocean at Nobel Dialogue, as well as join a number of panel discussions. This is part of the official Nobel Week programme and aims to stimulate discussion at the highest level by bringing together Nobel Laureates, the world’s leading scientists and experts, key opinion leaders, policy makers and the general public. You can watch my talk at 1:23:00 and one of my panel discussions at 4:06:00 below.


Ada Lovelace Day Live! 2018 was held at The IET in London on 9 October 2018, and featured eight female leaders in STEM.


TBA21–Academy’s The Current is concerned with the state of the ocean and the discourse around it and seeks to provide a platform for the cultivation of interdisciplinary thought, the exchange of ideas and new knowledge production. Organised in three-year cycles, the program centres around annual expeditions at sea and land-based Convenings linked to the exploratory theme of each ocean encounter. The Current II is led by Chus Martinez who invited me to speak at a Convening at the Ocean Space in Venice and subsequently on an immersive ocean experience, or expedition, aboard the Dardanella – TB21–Academy’s research vessel.

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants connects classrooms around the world with guest scientists, explorers and conservationists.