Gulf of Mexico


Location: Gulf of Mexico

Date: December 2017

Ship: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

The goal of our expedition was to explore and collect baseline information in unknown and poorly-known areas in the Gulf of Mexico using the ROV Deep Discoverer. Most of the deep sea has never been visualized and so initiatives like this are important as they give us a glimpse of what kind of habitats are down in the depths and what lives at them. This then allows us to take the appropriate measures to manage and protect them.

ROV surveys were conducted from 300 m to 2,321 m and dive sites included precious-coral and bottomfish fishery habitats, asphalt and methane seeps, brine pools, and mud volcanoes. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that I was invited to take part as Biology Lead.

You can find lots of cool photos and videos on the Okeanos Explorer EX1712 expedition website, as well as mission logs, background posts and daily updates.