Hunting for vents in the St Peter & St Paul Archipelago

On Monday 19th June, I will be heading out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to explore the deep ocean and mesophotic reefs around St Peter & St Paul Archipelago for three weeks with a team of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientists and California Academy of Sciences scientists and media. This area is super interesting because it is the only place in the Atlantic where the Earth’s mantle breaks the surface of the ocean. This means that there will be all manner of weird geology, which will likely get even stranger the deeper we explore! This will be the first time that this area has ever been explored so whatever we find will be exciting! A best-case scenario would be to find hydrothermal vents similar to those seen at Lost City, which are currently one of a kind. If not, we could find a seamount-like habitat laden with deep-sea sponges and coral.

It will be my first time sailing on the M/V Alucia and OMG, I am excited! One of the best things about this expedition is that we’re using the Alucia‘s submersibles, Nadir and Deep Rover, to do our deep-sea exploration and sampling!

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The M/V Alucia launching one of her submersibles. Photo credit: Alucia Productions.


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