CNN Inspirations: Wild Discoveries

*Update: You can watch the group Q&A segment of this episode here.*

On May 18th, I was one of three experts to head to the McLaren Thought Leadership Centre to film the latest episode of CNN Inspirations: ‘Wild Discoveries’. I was joined by Kristofer Helgen, an amazing mammalogist who is responsible for the discovery of  >100 species (!), and Dean Lomax, a rather famous palaeontologist who never leaves home without his giant dinosaur claw. Needless to say, I felt WAY out of my depth! But of course, filming was a blast and everyone was lovely. We were interviewed by CNN correspondent, Max Foster, in front of a live studio audience about the most interesting marine, terrestrial and prehistoric species discovered over the last two years. I don’t want to ruin the surprises from my marine segment but to give you a few teasers, I’ll be talking about quite a few videos filmed by the NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer including Casper the octopus and the viral hydromedusae from our Marianas expedition. You will have to tune in to see what else made the cut! This episode will be airing on CNN International on:

Fri 6/30/17: 410am ET and 1010pm ET

Sat 7/1/17: 810am ET and 910pm ET

Sun 7/2/17: 210am ET and 410pm ET

Adam (the producer), Kris, Dean and I should be doing a live tweet up during a few of the airings so send us your questions!


  1. Just saw the CNN episode; the discoveries are truly amazing!
    Do any of these from the trench (say, the Octopi or the hydromedusae) show any new biochemistry?

    1. Hi Kami, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. It is likely that many of these animals, as they are new to science, will have biochemical novelties but in order to confirm that, we would need to collect them, which we didn’t do. I’m sure someone will in the future though!

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